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Minibus Rental


NOVA Rent a Car in Croatia is best place to hire a minibus 8+1 during your stay in Croatia.

If you are going on a holiday trip to Croatia with a group of friends or you just have a large family then renting  8+1 passanger minibus is a perfect idea for you. You will have freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want.

Benefits of  booking a minibus at NOVA Rent a Car Croatia

  • Very easy to find great deals
  • Perfect for small groups
  • Much more comfortable than traveling in buses or taxis
  • Gives you the freedom to travel where you want at anytime
  • Plenty of room to stretch your legs and to store your luggage
  • Luxury van available. These often have DVD players, television, leather seats.
  • Great for people who want to travel in style

Luxury vans are great for large groups of people who want to travel in style. We reccomend  that during season you book a minibus in advance, to avoid soldout signs cause we have limited number of them.


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